Why Wedding Photography is Expensive

The average cost for a wedding in 2014 was over $30,000. Your wedding is indeed a special day, but spending money anywhere near that amount may cause you to look for corners to cut. Wedding photography may be one area on the chopping block. Before you scrimp on photos, consider a few reasons why pinching pennies in this area may cost you more in the long run.

Pay for a Professional

Wedding photography runs the gamut of prices, experience, and ability. Anyone with a camera and business card can pass themselves off as a wedding photographer. You may get lucky and some have, but do you want to leave the vital job of documenting such a momentous occasion to luck? There are no do-overs for this wedding day and as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

Hiring a professional with a proven track record may cost you more in dollars, but you can save on stress and frustration of dealing with someone who isn’t up to par. If a wedding photographer is late, arrives ill-equipped, or lacks the training and experience to capture your memories in a manner that you’ll love for years to come, you’ll have wasted good money.

A professional photographer has a portfolio or accomplished work and slew of positive referrals. That is important. Professional photographers own the right equipment, lenses and accessories to shoot your wedding regardless of atmospheric challenges. They are able to combine the technical skills with the creative aspect to tell the story of you day. Professional photographers aren’t hired to just take pictures. Anyone with an iPhone these days can do that and share it on social media. No. You’re hiring someone with the talents to bring your wedding back to life in pictures for decades to come.

Additionally, you’ll want to work with someone who is an engaged part of the ceremony without taking away from the event. A professional photographer knows how to capture the magic of the wedding without becoming a focal point and distraction.


Pay for the Process

Wedding photographers charge $3700 on average. Their time extends far beyond the wedding day if they are to create a worthy product – which you’ll absolutely want. Wedding photographers must meet with you before to understand what you want and do not want. A photographer worth his or her fee will want to learn your personality and develop a plan so that they can start the day on track.

You might want to have pre-wedding festivities documented as well.

After the ceremony, photographers must curate and edit the shots from the thousands that were Photography can be largely subjective. Hefty price tag doesn’t automatically equate to customer satisfaction.

taken over the course of your events. Editing can take up to 30 hours beyond the wedding day. Finally, the album must be assembled so that the presentation is complete.

Pay for the right person

If you plan to invest in a quality photographer, increase your chances of success by:

  • Reviewing their past work thoroughly. There’s no need to move forward with a  photographer if their past work doesn’t capture your attention and appeal to your taste.

  • Interviewing previous customers. Referrals are the best way to scout out a positive potential in photography. The mechanics of taking  well-formed pictures should not overshadow a photographer who is ill-suited to work with you. You need photographers who are prompt, professional, and generally pleasant to work with.

  • Ensuring they accommodate your vision. Make sure the photographer is open to incorporate your wishes. Be explicit and let them know if you prefer candid shots, want your album to tell a story, or prefer posed photographs instead. The right photographer will incorporate your desires and personality into their work and not try to create cookie cutter productions.

The wedding photographer’s price might seem steep. Before you slash the budget for photos, keep in mind you’re paying for more than eight hours of snapping photos on the day of your wedding. This person has one shot to get it right. Long after the dress no longer fits and the ring has been traded in, your wedding photos will serve as the lasting visual reminder of one of the best days of your life. Entrust the job of documenting this occasion to someone who’s proven they can deliver.

Modern Vs Traditional Wedding Dresses

Are you feeling torn about what wedding dress to buy? Well, that’s normal. And another thing that’s totally normal is the fact that you’re starting to feel like the person you swore you’d never become… you know, the bride who’s obsessed about fabrics and cuts and colours, trying on dress after dress and feeling ready to explode under the pressure of it all.

But, it doesn’t have to be such an ordeal. Once you have a clear idea of what your budget is, you just need to spend a little bit of time really analysing what it is you want from your dress.

Is comfort a priority, or are you happy to work around your dress all day so long as it’s beautiful? How important is it that your dress looks ‘timeless’ or ‘classic’ so that it doesn’t scream 2017? Or, is a modern dress with unique design important to you after attending a deluge of weddings where the brides have looked identical to one another?

If you figure out the answer to these questions, you’ll be able to funnel yourself down the modern or the traditional wedding dress route, saving you lots of time and frustration trying on the wrong gowns.

Here’s a little bit of inspiration to get you thinking about which option suits you best.


Modern Bridal Gowns 

Peter Langner has an incredible range of modern wedding dresses, such as this magnolia silk gown with an asymmetric drape. The unusual cut and one-shoulder design gives the dress a very contemporary feel, and would showcase a pair of drop earrings beautifully (or just a single drop earring with a stud in the other ear for an ultra-modern look). With this kind of style, you should consider browsing an online jewellery shop to find earrings that really make the most of the asymmetric drape.

Charlotte Simpson is another designer you should seek out if a modern wedding dress is your kind of thing. She creates beautiful elegant, minimalist gowns, and as everyone who uses Instagram or Pinterest knows, minimalism is the most stylish trend around right now.

Of course, you don’t need to spend a lot on your dress if you want a modern one. ASOS’s dresses gives the Charlotte Simpson designs a run for their money, so do look on the high street if your budget is more modest.

Traditional Bridal Gowns

Augusta Jones creates beautiful bridal gowns for women who love the idea of timeless silhouettes and classic shapes. For example, why not consider something like the V-neck ball gown in the lookbook? It’s as traditional as it gets with subtle detailing on the bodice and a handkerchief organza ballgown skirt, so it won’t be going out of fashion any time soon.

Similarly, t-length styles have been popular with brides since the mid 20th century and are still very popular today. In fact, it’s a traditional design that will probably be worn by brides for decades to come.

Again, however, brides who prefer traditional dresses don’t have to spend a lot of money to find something beautiful. Check out places like Phase Eight: their vintage style dresses costs under £400 and would look just as fashionable fifty years ago as it does today.

Vibrant Spring Wedding Ideas

As the flowers begin to blossom, the birds return home from the winter and the church bells begin to ring, more and more couples will tie the knot this Spring! The months before the summer heat hits are extremely popular time for weddings!  Bursts of pastel colors, tulips, cherry blossoms, and the beautiful sun peaking out from behind clouds will create a blissful setting for your wedding. Scroll through the images below and you might find yourself wanting a spring wedding yourself. The colors are just so stunning! Don’t forget to pin your faves!

Spring Decor

The Wow Factors That Make Your Wedding Memories Last Forever

Is your wedding round the corner?

Are you excited to make it quite an eventful one?

In fact every couple aspires to throw a wedding that could be remembered for a long time to come. These very moments are special, meaningful, and important to celebrate your love with your family, friends, and a whole host of guests who will be there to be part of your wedding ceremony.

Wedding not just symbolizes the union of two souls, but it also encompasses a collective joy that everyone present there feels. It also provides you an opportunity to make the event such that your guests will always remember how unique your wedding was, and how much blast they had throughout.

Most of the weddings have nearly similar elements such as flower bouquets, wining and dining, lightings, chandeliers, so on and so forth. But what makes it truly memorable are some wow factors that grab everyone’s attention and leave your guest in awe.

The following are some ideas to bring in wow factors that will make your wedding truly memorable:

  1. Décor

To make your wedding a successful, planning the decoration should be the first step. In general, a décor is the most visible part of any wedding. It is imperative for you to choose a décor that becomes a center of attraction and visually impactful rather than just a room full of lavish floral arrangements. One idea, for example, could be suspending lush flower dishes above your guests’ dinner plates and using elegant lamps in different parts of the dinner table. Also, the colored glassware can make attractive centrepieces, which will make your tables pop in an instant. Furthermore, using calligraphic menus is a good idea where you can put different scripts for every type of affair.

  1. Wedding Party Gifts

It is a good opportunity for you to list your family members, friends, and guests – who have been instrumental in planning your wedding and offering their support – to get them unique gifts. You can give them cosmetic accessories or jewellery items that would make them feel special. One important thing you shouldn’t forget is the gifts for the children in the wedding party. You can get toys or even make cute bag of goodies for them. Finally, when it comes to gifts for close friends and relatives, you can get them exotic wine bottles as wedding party gifts.

  1. Create Events and Invite Participation

Generally, as a ceremonial obligation, family and friends extend their blessings, love and well wishes to the couple. However, being creative at this moment will make your wedding lot more enjoyable and memorable. You can ask your guests to stand up one by one, and share exciting anecdotes with regards to either their own wedding or about other interesting ones. You can organize a mini dancing competition among other couples that are present in the wedding. Shared singing is also a brilliant idea, which brings people together and allows a nice interaction among them. Music brings more warmth to the ambience of a ceremony such as this. Apart from these ideas, live entertainment will prove very riveting for your guests, for example live bands will always be a sure hit. Stand-up comic acts, jokes, and attractive stunts by professionals will surely add to the wow factor for your wedding.

  1. DIY Cocktail Event

Every guest loves to relax and fully enjoy a wedding ceremony. There couldn’t be any better option than organizing a cocktail happy hour for them. Everybody welcomes the idea of DIY cocktail in a wedding reception because it gives them an opportunity to hang out with free drinks and enjoy as much as they can. The fact that DIY cocktail event brings in a wow factor as the guests can mix their own drinks and create their own personal cocktails. This interactive idea will surely go a long way to keep your guests entertained so that they would definitely remember your most special day.

  1. Make A Wonderful Wedding Cake

An attractive, multi-layered cake based on a personalized theme is often a perfect symbol for any wedding. You can either create it for yourself or you can hire professionals to do this job. This special occasion allows you to share your wedding cake’s flavour and sweetness with those you love. A beautiful wedding cake placed at a perfect place grabs everyone’s attention and the guests like to take snapshots with the cake. Your well-crafted wedding cake will elicit significant appreciations from all the guests, which will be enough to make your wedding ceremony an affair to remember. Today, there are some amazing trends with regards to wedding cakes that have come up for adding an extra oomph and a touch of sweetness to your nuptials.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding indeed is a ceremony that you would always like to cherish forever. You don’t have to painstakingly make your wedding moments memorable. There could be numerous ideas to add wow factors to your wedding ceremony, but the above mentioned ideas will never disappoint you.

How to Put Together the Perfect Wedding Welcome Bags

It’s your wedding day! The invites are out, the color scheme decided, the bridesmaids and groomsmen assembled. You’ve ordered the flowers, subdued your mother-in-law and tackled the seating plan, and now it’s time for the fun part – wedding gift bags!

Whether you are welcoming guests from out of town, setting the tone for your celebrations, or kicking off the party mood, wedding welcome bags are a delightful way to greet your friends and family. So, how do you go about assembling the perfect assortment of gifts and treats to make your loved ones feel as good as you do on your big day?

We’ve put together a list of fabulous ideas to inspire and excite you and to help you create a collection of goodies guaranteed to fill your guests with warm and fuzzy feelings.

The Bag

Let’s start with the bag itself. The presentation is everything, and packaging your gifts in something useful and re-usable is a great way to contain your goodies. Canvas tote bags are a fantastic way to do this – they’re inexpensive, they’re versatile, and they can even be customized for that charming, personal touch that’ll send your guests away with a smile. The best thing is this is a lasting gift your guests can make use of even after the main event if only to carry home the rest of their treats!


Who among us doesn’t love a sweet treat? Chocolates and/or candies are a classic wedding bag filler, and they can be made unique and special by opting for something handmade or locally produced. The best thing about including candies is that, with the wide variety of choice out there, it’s super easy to find something you can tie into a theme.

Base your choice around your location, your color scheme, or anything else you fancy! It’s a great way to add a little personal touch, and it makes for a memorable and charming addition to your wedding welcome bags.

Salty Snacks

Believe it or not, not everyone has a sweet tooth. For those who aren’t crazy about candies, it’s a good idea to include something savory to nibble on. This could be nuts, crackers, or chips, but our personal preference would be popcorn! It’s light, it’s healthy(ish), and, as a current favorite in the snacking world, there is a whole range of innovative and exciting flavors to choose from. It’s trendy, tasty, and, best of all, it’s a great way of bulking out the contents of your wedding bag without bulking up the price!

Water Bottles

It’s time to wash down all those snacks! A water bottle makes for a creative and useful addition to your wedding gift bag that your guests can use throughout the day and take away with them afterward. With a personalized message, you can create a lasting memento that’s not only practical but also unique.

Consider customizing water bottles to be stylish and useful. Pick out a design or message that best reflects you and your other half for a wedding favor that’s all about your big day. Colorful and practical, these water bottles make for an attractive keepsake that your guests can use again and again!

Local Produce and Souvenirs

What better way to welcome out of town guests to the area than with some locally produced goodies? Things like condiments, preserves, honey, or oils add a classy and homely touch to any wedding gift bag. Look up the local sports teams, points of interest, and sites of natural beauty for inspiration – think postcards, magnets, and trinkets to add personality to your wedding bags and tip a nod to your location.


What’s a wedding if not a big party? Help your guest enter into the “spirit” of things with a little tipple. This is another one that can be easily tailored to suit your wedding or location. Why not check out the local brewery for artisan beers to help kick off the festivities?

Just remember to consider your guests carefully, on this one; it may be better to omit this particular gift for some individuals!


Thinking ahead to the next day detox, fresh fruit is a classy and pleasingly “earthy” addition to your wedding bags. This can effortlessly add fragrance and color to your assortment of gifts, and it can be tied in with your location and the time of year. A top tip for this one is to think seasonal, as these fruits will be the least expensive and the best quality, and will tie in nicely with the overall feel of the day.

Just remember to choose firmer fruits that won’t go mushy in the bag or expire quickly (yes to apples and citrus fruits, a big fat no to bananas and strawberries).

Hangover Cure

Just in case the antioxidants from the fruit don’t quite do the trick, a little bundle of hangover cures will certainly be welcomed by those who like to overindulge on special occasions. Add a touch of humor with a first-aid style packet, which could include aspirin, water, coffee, herbal teas, or whatever you’ve found to work best in the past!

Handmade Soap/Candles

Prepare to pamper your guests with something handmade and luxurious. Artisan soaps and aromatherapy candles make for a lovely and indulgent treat, and will leave your wedding bags (and your guests) smelling beautiful!

Itinerary/Local Information

It’s a great idea to include the itinerary for your day in your welcome wedding bag, so you can keep everyone organized and make sure everything goes off without a hitch. A nice little extra is to include information about the local area if you have out of town guests or if your wedding itself is out of town.

A few pages detailing local points of interest will certainly be appreciated by anyone who doesn’t know the area that well, as people are likely to be in town for the few days surrounding the main event and will probably find this information very useful.

Include a Thank-you Card

Remember to include a thank you card from you and your beloved! Something short and sweet to show your gratitude and give your guests the warm fuzzies – after all, where would we be without our loved ones? Friends and family are what make these special occasions special, so show them how much you appreciate their being there to celebrate with you and your significant other.

5 Ways To Be An Awesome Bridesmaid

So your friend has asked you to be a bridesmaid. Cue the champagne, celebration, and dress shopping! But before you say yes, consider that being chosen as a bridesmaid is an honor, and it comes with some responsibility. You can read below for some tips on how to be a great bridesmaid.

  1. It’s all about the bride
    Remember, this wedding is all about your friend, her future spouse, and their marriage. You may not like the outfits she asks you to wear or the salon you get your hair and makeup done in, but that doesn’t matter! Your friend is putting a lot of time and effort in to make her day awesome, so try to go along with any crazy ideas she may have. Be a cheerleader for her and try not to be too critical of her decisions.

  2. Help her look good
    Your friend is going to have a lot to worry about on the day of her wedding! Help her out by keeping things like bobby pins and extra lip gloss in your bag. Safety pins are always a good idea in case of a wardrobe malfunction too! Remind her throughout the day to keep hydrated, reapply lip gloss, and tuck away any flyaway hairs with those spare bobby pins. Wedding days can be so hectic, often brides forget to do these things for themselves.
    During the ceremony keep an eye on how her dress is falling once she’s up at the altar. Make sure it’s spread out evenly and looks nice! She’s going to be in a lot of photos, and you can pay attention to the small details for her so that she looks her best.

  3. Be a helping hand at pre-wedding events
    Usually it comes down to the Maid of Honor to plan things like the Bachelorette or Shower, but that’s a huge responsibility! It can be hard for one person to coordinate an event like that, especially if they’ve never done it before. As a bridesmaid, you can help by offering to plan aspects of the Bachelorette or Shower. You could offer to help put together a couple of cute games or keep track of gifts on the day of the shower so she can write thank yous. If you’re crafty, you can help by putting together cute DIY projects for the shower, bachelorette, or even the wedding day!

  4. Be Diplomatic
    One of the most stressful things about choosing a bridal party as a bride is worrying about whether your friends from different parts of your life will all get along. Try to bond with the other bridesmaids, so that the bride doesn’t have something else to stress about. Is something in the bridal party making planning difficult? Try your best to be diplomatic with the other bridal party members without having to get the bride (or groom!) involved.

  5. Be a Stress Buffer
    Wedding planning can be stressful, and the wedding day can be a hectic whirlwind too! Try to deflect any stress that you can for your friend. Did your alterations come in wrong? Before going to the bride with your problem, try to figure it out on your own so she doesn’t have another problem to worry about. Did someone bring a plus one that wasn’t supposed to? Rather than bringing it to the bride, bring it to the Day of Coordinator, or another designated helper.

The most important thing about being a bridesmaid is to make sure your friend enjoys her wedding day. It’s a lot of work, but is so worth it!

(Photos by Chris & Becca Photography)

Renee & Adam’s Long Distance Love Story

How did you and your partner meet?  

Adam’s Story:

I was saving a bunch of orphans from a fire, again!  She happened to be walking by as I boldly brought ten Latino kids to safety.  She knew I held the “heroic” quality she was looking for in a man and fell in love with me at first sight…….. O.K. that might not exactly be the true story, but I like to think that the truth is just as heroic!

The first time I laid eyes on Renee was back in 2002. It was in the back of her car when she had offered to drive us boys to Mentone Station on our way to an underage party. The first thing I noticed was how beautiful she was!! That image of her still remains fresh in my mind, as if it happened just yesterday. This was day one of “Operation infiltrate the Badaraccos”, a 10-year journey that proved to be the best decision of my life!

But by 10-year Journey, I mean 10 year wait!

It was not until 2012 for Walter’s (Renee’s younger brother) birthday party at a club in St Kilda that we would meet again. Although most believe that finding true love in the club is not possible, we defied the odds. We hung out for hours talking about things which are a foggy memory at best, but when the lights came on we realized no one else was left in the building and it was time to leave. That’s pretty much a metaphor for our relationship now. With millions of things going on around us, it’s still always about the two of us. And in the end, as every good relationship should be, it will just be us here for each other- the only two left in the club!

Now you’re probably wondering where the “heroics” were in that story? Well, let me tell you, dating your mate’s sister who I am quite sure has family connections with the Italian Mafia, in my book, is nothing short of heroic!

Renee’s Story:

We were celebrating my brother Walter’s 25th birthday at Big Mouth St Kilda. I was happily dancing the night away minding my own business when I had turned around to “OMG, you are even hotter in real life!”. Shocked by his immature comment, my reply was, “Oh, you must be Adam Goulding!”. Now for those that don’t know, Adam and Walter are high school friends, a definite ‘no-go-zone’! I had seen and heard of Adam many years ago when I was in my late teens, however, I have no recollection of our meet-cute (but apparently, Adam does). The rest of the night became a blur with lots of dancing and drinking — who would have thought it was the beginning of something so wonderful! 10 months later, we were presented with the biggest decision of our lives: Adam’s move to Hong Kong! As an incredibly intelligent and in-demand civil engineer, Adam was offered a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity with the construction of the longest bridge in the world over water: The Hong Kong Macau ZhuHai Bridge. July 2013, we had made the decision to do long distance. I was unhappy and missed him dearly so in September 2013, I decided to leave all that I knew behind to follow my heart. Luckily for me, it paid off! Let’s fast forward 3.5 years to Chinese New Year’s Eve Feb 7th 2016, where Adam bent down on one knee, on the highest pillar of the HK-Macau-Zhuhai bridge and asked me to marry him! The rest, well, you will all be a part of and will witness the start of our lifelong love letter come Chinese New Year’s Eve Jan 27th 2017. I am so excited that I get to be the other half of you!

The proposal?

It wasn’t until the week before the Chinese New Year 2016 long weekend that Adam told me he had scored a last-minute deal to Macau, although he had to go into work the Sunday morning and then promised he would make it up to me. He had convinced me to get up at 6:15am Sunday 7th February to see the job site. Now, this isn’t out of the norm for us, as travelling into work on a Sunday together has occurred twice before. The only catch was that this time he had to lug around our suitcase as he “had planned” to head to Macau straight after. We arrived at the pier in Tung Chung and there wasn’t anyone around (normally there are always workers etc., however, I had not clued in at this point). The boat arrived, no one on board (still not clued in). We sailed past the construction of the bridge, it had changed so much since the last time I had seen it. Adam was proudly updating me of its progress and what he had personally contributed to. I was very impressed! We arrived at the tallest pillar of the bridge and I asked where his office was. He answered with, “I want to show you the view from up there and then I’ll drop you off at the office, while I finish up what I have to”. “Ok cool” (still not clued in!). We climbed the 50m of scaffold, which was quite nerve-racking for me.

Finally, at the top, I was impressed and wow’ed by the view. It was such a clear day in HK, the clearest of the year to date. We could see the man-made island and the China side of the bridge on the horizon. Adam proceeded to direct me to a certain section of the pillar and to gaze back at Tai O, a local village. My gaze had totally missed what he was alluding to. I was too distracted by the amazing view and had turned around to take it all in. Adam proceeded to direct my gaze back to Tai O village on the horizon. I was confused, but then I looked down and I saw THE SIGN, a stencil he designed and spray painted on the inside of the pillar! I was in shock, I looked back to Adam and he was on one knee with the ring. “Renee, will you marry me?!”, “OMG are you serious??” “Yes, I am!!” “Of course, yes, yes, yes!” I couldn’t jump up and down as I was very aware that we were standing on a man-made scaffold that was hanging out on the side of the highest pillar of the bridge, 50m over the water! We then climbed into the pillar and I sprayed “Yes” on the sign. That moment will forever be with the bridge and in our hearts.

Safe to say, there was no trip to Macau, and he had led me on the whole time. Although, for those that know Adam, it didn’t stop there. He had organised a private car, a swanky room at the Ritz Carlton (where we had celebrated our 1st year anniversary), a 3-course meal and a spa package. He had truly planned the most epic proposal I could have ever imagined and I am one lucky woman!

Is there a particular reason as to why you chose your venue?

We (I) wanted to be by water, however with 187 on the guest list, we needed to find a venue that could accommodate our family and friends. Amongst the many hours spent googling, I found The Park, along with a few other venues and sent my parents on a mission on our behalf to scope them out.

We ended up choosing The Park, because we could conduct the ceremony, canapés and reception all at the one venue. Not to mention, the blank canvas, the location, the staff, the reviews, the flexibility, the lake views, the food and drinks, the DANCE FLOOR and the amazing sunset photo opportunities! It was/is such a magical venue and can be styled any way that you desire!

Your favourite part of the wedding?

This is a hard one!

Seeing my future husband for the first time at our reveal in Catani Gardens, St Kilda. It was such a private moment and a surprise to the both of us. We had his tuxedo and the groomsmen’s suits all tailor made when we were living in HK. I only attended the first fitting with Adam where we chose the colors of the tux and suits. Adam had searched the colour “ivory”, and was blown away when he saw me, as he was expecting a more yellow tinged and smaller dress. The moment allowed us to take our whole day in, and we were able to really be present and calm for the remainder of our wedding day. Many family and friends mentioned how composed and calm we were. The reason being is from all the advice I had received leading up to the day: Ensure you take in every moment as it will flash before your eyes & make sure you and Adam take time out away from everything to truly be present with each other.

Close second, was walking down the aisle with my father (who did not stop crying the whole day), by my side. In that moment, surrounded by our dearest family and friends, I was walking into my next chapter in life and was so incredibly humbled by all the support and love surrounding us.

How did the dress make you feel?

My beautiful “Darlene”, with her 5+ layers, gave me the well-known butterflies one hopes for when wearing THE dress. I felt beautiful! Stepping into the gown for the final time on my wedding day; I was nervous, elated, in love, excited, beautiful and calm all at once. All the planning and prep work completed, it was now time for my moment.  Adam and I decided to reveal ourselves to each other before the ceremony so that we could enjoy each moment and truly be present when it counted. Looking back, I couldn’t wait for him to see me and vice versa (as we kept the completed tuxedo a secret) at our reveal at Catani Gardens, St Kilda and I am so happy that we decided to do so. His first words “you’re so beautiful, you look like an angel.”

Tips for brides-to-be!

1: Glass of champagne in hand, with Pinterest open and wedding mags, start constructing your vision on paper.

2: Give yourself a timeline

3: Sit down with your husband/wife and discuss what part of the planning process he/she is willing to contribute to and what he/she isn’t fussed about, make it about both of you.

4: Trust your girls and family, they are there to help you

5: Be confident with your vision when discussing with suppliers

  1. Save and hire a photographer and videographer!
  2. Treat your suppliers well on your wedding day; ensure they eat the same time as the bridal party so they too can rest. This way they will give you their all to ensure your day is amazing.

8: When it comes to your wedding day, wake up, smile and stay calm. This is the point where you need to roll with the punches as everyone else WILL ensure your day is perfect!

  1. Take a moment with your partner, to take it all in!
  2. Budget.

The Team:

Dress: “Darlene” by Demetrios and Kelly Star from Raffaele Ciuca http://www.raffaeleciuca.com.au/

Make-up and Hair: Cathy In Beauty

Suit: Manning Company http://www.manningcompany.com/

Celebrant: Words and Music

Photographer: Pro Shot Photography http://www.proshotphotography.com.au/

Videographer: Allure Productions http://allureproductions.com.au/

Wedding Stationery: Adorn Invitations https://www.adorninvitations.com/

Cake: Vitts Cakelicious https://www.facebook.com/VittsCakelicious/

Event Stylist: Levian http://levian.com.au/

Limo: Exotic Limo

Mustang: Pony Passion

Wedding Favor Succulents: The Terrarium Factory https://www.facebook.com/TheTerrariumFactory/

Band: Baker Boys Band http://www.bakerboysband.com.au/

Location: The Park, Albert Park https://www.theparkmelbourne.com.au/

Link to wedding video: https://vimeo.com/206337900

How to Look Extraordinary in Your Wedding Pics

Contrary to popular belief, looking amazing in your wedding pics is not that difficult. You might be tempted to believe that your dress, makeup and hair matter the most. The truth is, for your wedding photos to exude perfection, all you need is a smile. Here are some further tips to help you immortalize the most important day in your life in photographs.

Smile with your eyes

Let your eyes tell a story, and ask the photographer to photograph them from up close. Keep your smile on the low, and open up those big, bright eyes of yours. With your right make-up, you’ll look absolutely gorgeous. The contract between the color of your eyes and your make-up can result in the most meaningful, and alluring wedding photograph. Let it be the embodiment of your happiness as a bride.

Find a good pose

We all have that one pose that makes us look amazing in photographs. If you don’t know which one yours is, start practicing in the mirror. Get inspired from the best celebrity photos, and eventually you’ll make it. It might be a good idea to ask from further advice from your photographer. He can give you some pretty good advice, especially he’s a pro. Just act natural and be yourself for your wedding photos to look incredible, and express your true personality and sense of style.

Relax the face

Wedding photo sessions can be extremely tiring. This means that grinning your face and sitting still for 4 hours can be a real torture. The first thing you need to do is relax your face. Stop frowning and squinting your eyes.  Just breathe, and let your eyes speak. Relax the lips as well, and smile naturally.


Steer clear of the double chin

Even the most well-defined, slimmest face can have a double chin in pictures. Learn to avoid it by elongating the neck. Slightly move your head forward, and try to lift up the chin. Try not to exaggerate. If you notice that your neck creases, it might be because you’re trying too much. Slightly more your head on one side and smile. Let your beautiful check bones frame your face.

Watch out for the shoulder and arm pose

Most wedding dresses, don’t have sleeves. If you want to hide your arms in a photograph, keeping them stuck to your body doesn’t help. In fact, this will make them look even bigger, not to mention that your silhouette willbe completely destroyed. Your shoulders will expand, and you certainly don’t want to that in your wedding photos. The best thing that you can do is lift the arms a bit on the sides, and allow a small space between the arms and your upper body.


As far as make-up is concerned, it’s very important that you make an appointment with a skilled make-up artist. Professionals know exactly what colors and techniques best match your face. Since this is your wedding, you might want to go for a nude, all-natural make-up. Accentuate the eye and eyebrow area of the face. The cheeks should also be well-defined with blush and highlighter. In case your face suffers from excessive redness, a rosacea concealer will make the complexion and under eye area look fresh. For the lips, choose a lipstick that is resistant to transfer. This way you will look impeccable in photographs even after kissing all your guests.


Complex hairstyles that involve using too much hairspray should be avoided. This season is all about fresh, natural waves and loose hair. It’s ok to have it styled and straightened, but keep hair products to a minimum. Dye your hair with 3 days before the wedding photographs, and use conditioner after shampooing. This will make your hair glow without trying too much.


Looking extraordinary in your wedding photographs is not something impossible to achieve. The key is to be yourself and enjoy the photo shoot. Smile and adopt a natural pose; let your inner personality become omnipresent. The happier you look the better your photos will be. Don’t forget that it’s the happiest day of your life. Enjoy your day to the full and fill it with the best memories.

How To Be A Radiant Bride With Flawless Skin

Beauty is defined by the individual and the beholder. It’s cliché to say that every bride wants to feel and look beautiful on her wedding day. Of course she does. We all have challenges, though. Every woman has a flaw that she finds in herself; whether it’s our curves, our skin, our hair or something else entirely.

Being beautiful and radiant on the most important day requires an acceptation of one truth:  that the person standing at the other end of that aisle finds you beautiful. Nothing else really matters.

We can tell you how to take care of your skin. How to treat pimples and other skin issues. We can teach you how to apply make-up to accentuate all your perfections. But you can read that anywhere.

Instead, here are the real ways to find radiance on your wedding day…and they have nothing to do with a mirror (or exercise).

Make a list of your loves.

No, this doesn’t include the people you love. Your loves…what you love about you. List your positives. Include everything you find wonderful and beautiful about you. Go beyond physical. List your good personality traits. Your inner beauty.


Life isn’t about us. The beauty in life—the beauty in us—is about caring for our fellow man and creatures. Adopt a cause. To de-stress from wedding planning volunteer at an animal shelter, make a blanket for a sick child. Cook meals for the homeless. Find your cause and your care.

Treat Yourself.

To relax and decompress from wedding preparations, treat yourself to a day of relaxation. Maybe this means a pedicure or a manicure. Schedule a massage or hire someone to clean the house. Invest in yourself and give yourself a break…and a little appreciation.


Take time to enjoy the fun moments all around you. Laughter and smiling is beautiful and beneficial. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughing increases endorphins, relieves stress and soothes tension. Find the cheer. Rent a comedy or watch silly videos on YouTube. When you feel down, find the laughter.

Give a compliment…every day.

Finding beauty means appreciating the beauty around you. Give a compliment to a total stranger every day. You will make someone’s day a little brighter! Whether you like a shirt, a haircut or even a funky tattoo…find the unique and beautiful and give a compliment.

Stop and smell the flowers.

Little things matter. This isn’t about literal flowers…although when you see them, you should take a whiff (unless you have allergies!). Look around. Live in the moment. Try to practice mindfulness. So often, we worry about the little things that we fail to appreciate moments as they happen. There is beauty in the little moments. Discover that beauty.

Wedding beauty—daily beauty—means also finding inner radiance. Facials and peels may fix skin issues. An expensive hair stylist can craft that ideal wedding ‘do and sculpt Cara Delavigne-worthy eyebrows. And daily exercise may help you mold that so-called “wedding body.” But that person waiting for you at the end of the aisle—the one who will promise forever—already knows you’re gorgeous. The question is: do you? Get soulful and find your inner beauty…because once that shines through, outer radiance will follow.

A Happy Brides’ Double Emotions

Name me one girl who has not dreamt about her gorgeous wedding and has not pictured herself in a snow-white wedding gown, beautifully decorated church, a sea of flowers and sure, the prince of her dreams beside her ready to start a lifelong journey called life, in hardship and happiness.

The wedding day for a girl is a changing point in life.  Marriage is the beginning of a new era for her, so the day when she becomes a beautiful bride should be something remarkable. That’s why we all put too much effort in organizing weddings on the highest level. We hire wedding organizers, and we buy a lot of things and decorations, ordering wedding cakes should be a fairy tale cake and a symbol of a new, sweet life as the cake itself.

The Meeting

I met my husband quite by chance on one rainy day, I was walking all alone in the street, when somebody pushed passed me, he apologized and I said “It’s Ok” then after a second he offered to have a cup of coffee together in a nearby café, I agreed. To tell the truth I did not recognize it was him, the prince of my dreams, there were no white horses either, an ordinary guy was sitting in front of me making me smile with funny stories that had happened to him.

After our third meeting I realized he would be my future husband, because he owned all habits I do appreciate in the opposite sex: sense of humor, interests, his character his natural beauty. I felt like I was falling for him. He was not a real prince with crown on his head but for me he is the king.

The Planning

Long story short, we fixed the wedding date. And that was it, I lost sleep, it was hard to concentrate on anything else but my wedding, the only thing on my mind was my big day. So I joined a long line of brides waiting for their wedding cake tasting, selecting various flavors and decoration options. I waited for the day to try on dresses and pick the one that was right for me. Sure, I did not forget flowers, I chose a flower that was perfect for us, a simple hydrangea.

The Big Day

The planning took a toll on me and I couldn’t have been more excited to get down that aisle to my fiancé. I remember feeling nervous and excited. I couldn’t wait to get it over with, for the reason that I wanted to kiss my hubby and just spend my time relaxing after all that planning.

I remember my husband’s happy eyes when he saw me, then the church ceremony, saying our vows and exchanging the rings, with all our family and friends beside me. I remember clearly our first kiss, our first dance, and our first meal together like it was yesterday.

Some of my plans may not have gone as planned, but I couldn’t help but feel more than happy that I got to make those memories with my prince.

The End

But when my wedding was over tears came to my eyes, I began to cry sad and happy tears, I think all the brides do the same, because we feel happy and sad at the same time. I think of all the planning, the time and energy that went into this. I thought of all the time I spent dreaming about my big day. My happy tears were tears of joy knowing that I just married the man of my dreams. The sad tears were for all the time I spent, sad that the day was over. Maybe it was just a whirlwind of emotion with all that went on that day.

We are sad because we leave our parents, we are no longer daddy’s little girl, we say goodbye to the things that occupied us since our childhood and we all know by and by they will become memories, sweet memories, the things we are so much accustomed to. But at the same time we are extremely happy because we start living with a person we love more than ourselves. It is a beginning of a new life, new challenges, and all changes should be directed in a positive way. That’s why we mark the first day of our life changes with wedding, it is so positive. The caring and loving make each day, each moment, a lifetime of happiness.