9 Jewelry Pieces for the Minimalist Bride

We have all heard of and loved the bridal glow!

The blush of love and the promise of a beautiful life ahead is reason enough to look your radiant best on your wedding day.

The right jewels only add to the allure of a bride. Several modern brides opt not to let their jewels overwhelm their natural glow. For such minimalist brides, picking up wedding baubles can be quite a challenge.

The trick lies in picking jewelry that is timeless, that defines you and is all about elegance and panache.

Wondering which pieces to wear to achieve the minimalist-yet-glamorous look on your big day? You will be surprised and happy at the plethora of options available.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Dainty Studs

Pretty studs strike all the right notes with the minimalist bride. While most of you will want to go for the minuscule studs (we know of your fear of ‘OTT’ accessories), the good news is that there are plenty of beautiful designs in delicate studs that will complement your face, help you retain that au naturale glow and look effortlessly pretty.

A lot of contemporary brides are crushing on the knotted nest stud earrings. These earrings look like a knotted nest of metal, and look modern and stylish. If you have a structured wedding dress with a strapless silhouette, this should be your go-to wedding accessory.

2. The Delicate Pearl Necklace

Pearls are synonymous with weddings. Small pearls are understated, feminine and elegant. When teamed with a gold necklace, they work beautifully with lace and satin dresses. A little length in the necklace helps to accentuate your shoulders and collar bones, and add that hint of romance and sexiness that looks oh-so-charming on a bride.

3. The Classic Diamond Pendant

Diamonds are all about class. No points for guessing then that a diamond pendant makes one classic bridal jewelry piece. They also make ideal heirlooms. So, consider yourself lucky if you are getting to wear an heirloom piece for your wedding. On the other hand, you can purchase your own beautiful pendant that complements your wedding outfit flawlessly.

4. A Pair of Crystal Drop Earrings

Few pieces can imitate the charm of crystal drop earrings. For brides who are into minimalism, crystal drop earrings are the most beautiful piece of jewelry you can don on your special day. With their myriad associations with beauty and exquisiteness, crystal drop earrings are all you need to become a mesmerizing bride.

5. The Ring That Promises Ever-After

Your bridal look is incomplete without this special piece of jewelry. I am talking about your engagement ring, of course. Whether it’s a platinum or white gold band, or a gold band and solitaire you are sporting, an engagement ring is symbolic. Wear it proudly on your wedding day and let the love go on forever.

6. The Tear-Drop Pendant

They are classic, gorgeous and minimalistic. Tear-drop pendants are a perfect piece of wedding jewelry that can enhance any wedding look and lend a royal touch to your wedding outfit.

Not sure if these quintessentially informal chains can work for your big day? If you have a wedding gown with a V-neckline in satin, use a vintage rock in your teardrop pendant.

Modern, quirky and boho brides, I hope you are listening! You can also keep the tear-drop pendant classic and timeless by combining it with diamonds and other precious stones.

7. The Backless Dress Accent

So enough about studs and chains! Every bride deserves to stand out on her big day. Even the most minimalistic bride can do so without upping the bling factor. What you need is a necklace that trails down your back and pumps up the sensuality factor of that backless wedding dress.

8. The Vintage Cuff

A minimalist bride’s style is all about glamour sans the frills. A vintage cuff is the perfect piece of jewelry for such a bride. An elegant or edgy cuff that spells sophistication is perfect for you if you are going the minimalist way. Diamonds and pearls are classic, whereas a metallic cuff is the perfect balance of bold and beautiful. This is a must-have accessory if you are going to be wearing a strapless or sleeveless dress for your wedding.

9. All Things Rose-gold

Every minimalist bride loves her rose-gold, and if you intend to rock this metallic color, you will need to have something in rose-gold as well. A bar bracelet in rose-gold with embellished crystals or an elegant rose-gold bangle on your wrist is simply perfect for adding some old-world charm to your ensemble, along with contemporary design and simplicity.

To Conclude

So, there you go, dear minimalist bride-to-be! Take your pick from the above gorgeous jewelry suggestions and redefine bridal elegance and beauty. Make your wedding memorable and be a stunner on your special day!

Top 10 Tips to Create Your Wedding on a Budget

Your wedding should be the most beautiful event of your life, so let it be. Don’t let anything ruin it. Planning your wedding begins with planning your budget first. You probably have an idea of what you want, but it’s very important to settle on a budget before getting started. You certainly don’t want to end up in debt, right? To avoid seeing your initial budget triple, we recommend that you follow our 10 tips to help you stay organized.

What kind of wedding do you want to have?

First things first. Decide on whether you want a romantic wedding in a park or a more exclusive ceremony somewhere in a fancy ballroom. Use your imagination and picture the perfect wedding. Look online for inspiration. Pinterest is an excellent source where you’ll find a lot of useful ideas to put into practice.

Settle on a budget

How much money do you have to spend? Before getting started, settle on a wedding budget. Ask your parents and friends for help; some may contribute without offering cash. For example, you can ask a friend to be a DJ, or maybe they know someone who can sing very well and doesn’t charge a fortune.

Guest list

Prioritizing the guest list is a frugal way of keeping your wedding within budget. There’s really no point in inviting people you barely know only to get a gift from them. Intimate weddings with close friends and family are the best. Just think about: if you invite 100 people, you won’t have time to enjoy the wedding because you’ll have to make sure everyone else is having a good time (not to mention that you’ll spend extra cash on food and drinks).

Make a list of prioritieshttps://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4149/4848273818_7bd3cc338d_z.jpg

Talk to your future husband and together make a priority list. Grab a pen and a piece of paper, and get started. Call in advance to book the venue, decide on the flower arrangements that you want, assess photographers, and settle on a food menu. These are very important steps that need to handled way in advance.

Make sensible changes – compromise

Let’s assume that you want to spend more money on floral arrangements. That’s ok, but find a way to cut back on costs for other things, such as the wedding dress. You will wear once, meaning that it’s foolish to spend $10,000 on a dress.

Catering or Swedish buffet?

Catering services can be expensive. A cheaper option might be to arrange a Swedish buffet. This way your guests can eat what they like, and you won’t waste money on dishes that may not be a top preferences for some people. If you have a lot of kids invited, too, you should know they probably won’t like veggie dishes.

Custom dress

A custom wedding dress doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Buy the fabric and then start looking for the best tailors. The internet is your oyster, although you might want to search locally too. Not everyone markets their services online.

Outside venues

The most beautiful weddings are held in the summer. The weather conditions are extremely pleasant, and the beautiful décor outside will save you a lot of cash on floral arrangements. Pick a gorgeous garden, or decide from the many holiday cottages Suffolk. The options are endless.

Table décor

A lot of people invest thousands on table décor. They decorate the chairs, the tables, and they add extremely expensive cutlery and china. However, nobody will judge if you keep things simple. Beautiful candles, seasonal flowers and tall glasses are enough to make an impression. Colorful napkins with customized messages for guests are highly recommended; they add an extra touch of originality, thus making your wedding become memorable without forcing you to spend all your budget on table arrangements.



Alcoholic beverages, in particular, are very expensive. Rather than spend and have a lot of wine bottles at the end of your wedding, why don’t you ask your guests what they would like to drink at your wedding. Then you can prioritize. A smart move is to have punch bowls or cocktail bowls at the buffet. Everyone love a tasty custom drink!

6 Tips for Newlyweds Moving in After Marriage

You’ve gone from boyfriend-girlfriend to fiancee’s to newlyweds, and now there’s one more title to add to the list: roommates. Although more than 70 percent of couples cohabitate prior to marriage, there are still some couples who wait until they tie the knot to move in together. Whether you waited to live together to save money or because of personal values, know that post-marriage cohabitation will be a slight adjustment. There are some things you need to consider to make it a smooth transition, but if you take the proper steps, you can keep all your newlywed bliss intact as you move into your love nest.

Where Will You Live?

First things first, now that you’re husband and wife, where will you live? Does he have a condo he fixed up and doesn’t want to give up or do you have an apartment that’s big enough for both of you? Whether you move into one of your places or find a new space, this is something you must discuss prior to moving in and preferably before the wedding.

A new living space brings certain considerations like which items can you keep, will you need new furniture and appliances (which may also affect your wedding registry), will you be farther from family and will you have a longer commute to work?

Make sure you discuss your ideal living situation and listen to each other’s needs, find a space ou can both agree on and don’t settle because it’s convenient for one of you.

Join Forces and Finances

Chances are you’ve already discussed how to handle your finances once you’re married, but if you haven’t, now is the time; make this a priority even if it’s difficult. “Psychologists say that many people will talk about anything, even sex, before they’ll talk about their finances,” according to Deborah Fowles from the balance. “Perhaps because money symbolizes different things to different people: power, control, security, or love, for instance.”

Now that you’re married and living together, you need to discuss your bills and charges. Will you write separate checks for rent and bills? Will one person be in charge of the bills or will you keep the books together? Do you plan to keep separate accounts or open a joint account?

Also, make sure you’re aware of any pre-existing debt or any acquired during wedding planning. How will you handle this once you’re married?

Remember, you may have different views when it comes to money, one of you may be frugal while the other one likes to shop. Take everything into account: how much each of you make, how much money you need each month for rent, utilities, food, recreation and date nights; make a budget and stick to it.

Divvy Up the Chores

While you don’t need to make a chart with gold stars (unless you’re into that in which case, no judgment), you do need to have a discussion about how you want to handle household chores. You can designate certain tasks to each person, like the dishes and taking out the trash, or you can decide to take turns with these responsibilities. Just do yourself a favor and make sure you discuss these things; assumptions about household chores can be a sore spot among couples.

According to: Who’s doing the Dishes? Negotiating household tasks and improving relationships, “Researchers have found that typically couples’ do not openly discuss the division of household tasks but rather rely upon unexamined assumptions about responsibilities–assumptions regarding who should perform a  task, how often the task needs to be performed as well as how a task should be performed – that lead to women taking on an inequitable burden of domestic labor.”

One effective idea is to discuss which task each of you doesn’t like doing and see where you can compromise; if you enjoy cooking but don’t like doing the dishes, see if your partner will swap with you.

Better Safe Than Sorry

One or both of is you is moving into a new space, so it’s important that you feel safe, and this may mean different things for both of you. One of you may be more concerned about home safety and want to install some type of security system. While traditional systems can be pricey, there are some DIY options like motion sensors and smart locks to keep your home safe and help you prevent break-ins.

In addition to divvying up chores, consider delegating roles for a safety and/or emergency plan. Create a checklist that you follow whenever you leave, whether you’re heading to work or going out of town, that lists which doors to lock and appliances to shut off. According to experts at Dependable Locksmiths, “when you repeat the same actions every time you leave the house, it becomes a habit, allowing you to keep your home safe no matter where you’re going or how long you’ll be gone.”

You may also want to look into home or renter’s insurance for your new abode. You can find some low-cost options and it’s a sound investment to protect your valuables in the event of theft, fire or emergency.

Embrace Your Differences

One thing’s for sure: when you move in with your partner, you’ll learn new things about him or her, and you may even learn some things about yourself. Chances are, you won’t agree on everything and you won’t do everything the same way. Guess what? That’s OK!

He may like his shirts folded a certain way and she may like to make the bed each morning. Discuss these things but also understand, living together (and marriage for that matter) requires compromise. Pick your battles and figure out a solution that works for both of you. At the end of the day, there’s no use fighting over spilled milk, folded laundry or dirty dishes.

Be Resilient and Practice Open Communication

Despite discussing your living situation, finances and household chores, you and your partner are human – which means things may not always stay the same. If you established household responsibilities when you moved in, understand these may change. One or both of you may switch jobs and kids may come into the picture. Your finances probably won’t remain the same, either, so be flexible when it comes to reallocating your budget.

As partners, you need to be willing to make adjustments as your lives change and evolve. The great news is that when two people love each other and commit to one another (as married couples do), they’re willing to work together to tackle all of life’s challenges.

Did you move in with your husband or wife after your wedding? What challenges did you experience? Let us know in the comments below!

Tips To Consider While Choosing Your Bridesmaids Jewelry

Every woman wants to look stunning and perfect during her wedding day. To achieve this, they get too busy preparing for their wedding, from finding the perfect venue to the selection of best invitation cards, choosing the wedding trousseau to the make-up artist, everything needs to be done to make their wedding full of personal and special touches.

Along with those special touches are your lovely friends who will accompany you on your special day. You’ve carefully selected your bridesmaids because of your family bonds, life long friendship and many years to come of special moments together. Every bride knows that she couldn’t enjoy these special moments without the love and support of her bridesmaids.

Your bridesmaids will be standing with you on the most precious day of your life, and for that a ‘Thank you’ is advised. Many brides are short of ideas of what they should give their bridesmaids to make this occasion momentous. While making the selection of bridesmaids jewelry for your bridesmaids on your wedding day should be a task on your regular list.


The selection of bridesmaids jewelry is as important as the selection of bridal jewelry. Finding the perfect bridesmaids necklace, earrings, bracelets is essential for the ansamble. With the regular changing trends, selecting your bridesmaids jewelry before two-three weeks is a wise decision. You can go online or hop to jewelry stores to find the latest styles of designs and timeless pieces that will be cherished by your friends for a lifetime. While selecting the bridesmaid jewelry, consider the style of gown they will be wearing as well as the theme of your wedding party. If your bridesmaids are wearing a gown with neckline plunges, then a pendant or y-drop necklace looks amazing.


If your bridesmaids are wearing a strapless dress, then a single or double strand necklace or choker would go perfect. Whatever their dress selection is, choose the style that will enhance the bridesmaids gown they’ll be wearing. As your friends are not the same people and their jewelry shouldn’t be same either, choose different styles and types of bridesmaids earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

For example, your wedding colors are purple and you have three bridesmaids with different tastes, try mixing the necklaces they wear, but go same with the bracelets. This is the best way to maintain consistency but change the overall appearance depending on their personal taste.


Whether it is chunky jewelry, large or simple and delicate, pay attention to the type of jewelry they generally wear. Do they wear silver or gold? Selecting a piece of jewelry that your bridesmaids will like will certainly make them feel comfortable on your D-day and they will be far more likely to wear it again in the future.

Also, remember jewelry worn by the bridesmaids does not necessarily need to be same. One way to accommodate their style differences may be choose a style that would be loved by every one. Try to pick pieces that will accent the dresses and look good on everyone. Once you decide, make sure that the bracelets and necklaces will fit them comfortably. Look for the pieces that are adjustable and allow flexibility to war to make it a little longer and shorter.

Conclusion :

No matter what bridesmaid jewelry you choose top give your bridesmaids, they will cherish those as a special memory of they were a part of in your life. Present your bridesmaid jewelry in a beautiful gift boxes tied with a ribbon to make a statement of your gratitude. You can also include a handwritten card to add a classic touch and a wonderful keepsake that they will enjoy for years.

We also recommend http://chanteurdesigns.com/ where you can buy amazing jewelry and accessories for your little princess.

4 Wedding Tips You Won`t Get From a Bridal Magazine

A wedding is a beautiful moment but challenging at the same time. On the one hand, a couple approaches the other level of relationships, which is awesome. On the other hand, the bride and groom are a little bit confused since they are not aware of what to expect from their spouse in the future. They love each other, hope that their future will be bright, they give promises, celebrate, and when the first obstacle appears in their way, their world might be torn apart… In order to protect a couple of incoming difficulties, it would be better to know how to prevent the issues out of experience of other women. It is much wiser to learn from the mistakes of other people, than on your own. Here are the comments from ordinary citizens and tips helpful for a couple before achieving the status “Just Married”:

  1. Plan your future together:

“Before we got married, we loved each other that much that we did not think about anything else. He often told me: “I love you” and we were happy together. He gave me a lot of presents, we chatted a lot in a social network. He was from Australia and I was from the U. S. A. He owned his business in Australia and soon moved back there. I remained to stay in the U.S.A. Later I took a plane and arrived at his place of residence. He begged me to stay with him, but I did not since I had no friends and connections. Well, actually we did not plan to move to his country. So, I turned back to my native city. Now we live in different corners of the world. We are still married, but there is a distance between us. Now, we both do not know what to do: to live together somehow, or divorce?” – Elizabeth, 29

Planning the future together can help prevent many upcoming problems. Knowing your way beforehand is possible to save your marriage if it is needed. It goes without saying that it’s not about your marriage…but….still

  1. Get to know your partner’s core moral principles:

“You know, I used to live according to the principle that I will have intimate relationships only after marriage, but at that time I did not love and had no relationships. Then I met a man I loved so much that I thought I was also loved. He became my first man before marriage. I DID NOT PROTECT MYSELF. However, he left me after getting to know that I was pregnant from him. I don’t care if anybody tells me anything about this. I think that sex SHOULD BE ONLY AFTER MARRIAGE.  Our grannies lived according to this principle and their families were stronger than they are today. They respected each other and were more responsible”. – Clarissa, 30

It is really important to know each other way of thinking and what they believe in. For example, some people think that intimate relationships are acceptable only after a man puts a ring on a finger and they should look for a spouse who has the same opinion as they do.


  1.  Be honest and share the information about your health state to your beloved before marriage:

” After marriage, I got to know that my husband has attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (It is a neurotic disorder of development, which appears in early childhood. The symptoms of it are difficulty concentrating one’s attention, hyperactivity, and hardly managed impulsiveness.) He kept on singing like: “My love, you are my only one, you are cooking…” When he saw a cat, he began to sing about it, like: “Oh, a cat is approaching…” When I was doing the washing, he was singing. Then he confessed that in the childhood singing helped him to cope with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. It finally helped me to understand him.” – Eva, 24

So, it would be better for you remain open to each other in advance to avoid awkward situations and confusion in marriage life. It is much more right to show the truth at the last step of your relationships before marriage proposal than to face the truth after it.

  1. Try to keep social balance and remain equal in status:

“I got a master’s degree in engineering and worked for an oil company. I had a stable income. He was a cook in a restaurant. I believed that one day he would become an owner of a restaurant. He text me every day: “You make me happy” or “You make me smile”. To tell the truth, we were happy. We got married. I got a promotion at my job and earned three times higher than my husband. Then, I got promoted again. He never succeeded in his career, unfortunately. He was a cook and that’s it. I was tired of his promises to buy a new flat and we divorced.” – Catherine, 32

Before you get married, it’s high time for you to figure out whether you suit each other. Being on the same level of income will help you keep your marriage protected. “Perfectly, man and woman’s income is better to be either similar, or a man should earn just a bit more”, the experts say.

If you still want to get married, good for you. Don’t be afraid to figure out the truth before you get married. It’s better to face the reality beforehand than to cry out loud at the end. In such a case, you have some extra time to prepare. Invest some part of your today’s activity in research and you will only benefit out of it. Preparation is the mother of success. One popular singer told: “The more I work, the more successful I become”. The rule is exactly the same for happy couples before marriage. Just work on the success of your marriage, sow the seeds of wisdom earlier to reap the fruits of happiness earlier.

14 Steps To Planning Your Own Wedding

If you can visualize planning your own wedding, you can do it.

Whether it’s to economize or just because you are a DIY person, doing your own wedding without the help of professional planners requires you to first step back and imagine what it is you want your wedding to be like, to look like, and to feel like. Get the big picture fixed in your head and in your heart, and then go for it!

You’ll find lots of helpful hints and inspiration from friends who are already married, from the internet, and from those big glossy wedding magazines that weigh half a ton each.

Here are 14 steps to take as you begin planning The Big Day:

Have a budget. Start with the financial end in sight. Know exactly how much you are going to spend, and then hold fast to that number no matter what.

Think things through. Hasty decisions are for the movies. Make all your wedding decisions based on considered logic and reality. Don’t let your heart rush your brain.

Get advice from married friends. Let people you trust give you some practical tips on the process, even if they didn’t do their own wedding planning. When they starting saying “If I had only known . . . “ you know you’ve struck gold.

Don’t ignore bridal magazines. Even if you think they’re corny and overly commercial, they still contain tons of hard facts and figures that can save you plenty of headaches and embarrassment.

Now is the time to Pin. Pinterest is a fantastic warehouse of great wedding ideas, plus you can start boards to solicit advice and resources from innumerable other Pinners.

Involve him (or her.)  You’re not planning a vacation — you’re planning a lifetime enterprise. So get him or her onboard early on. There’s no better way to find out how your relationship is really going to work than to involve your intended with the nitty-gritty of planning and see how he/she reacts.

Ignore the traditions. Something borrowed, something blue — who says? If you love traditions and must have them, by all means go for it. But don’t let all the musty old rules and regulations dampen your spirit and slow you down. Nobody gets arrested for not throwing rice at a wedding.

Involve the bridesmaids. You won’t find a more eager beaver bunch in helping you forge your dream wedding than the bridal party. Ask them for help and input from the get-go.

Don’t let your planning take over your life. You still have a job, family, hobbies, and many other outside interests that demand your time and focus. Don’t neglect them for the sake of mulling over which shade of pink looks best for the table napkins. Set aside time for relaxing and depressurizing to insure your intended does not marry a crazed, stressed out maniac.

Consider going alcohol-free. One of the biggest expenses at the pre or post wedding activities is the wine and liquor for guests. Plus it can cause so many embarrassing incidents when someone overindulges. Alternatively, just have a cash bar.

Use a playbook. All the big time coaches have one. You need one to keep track of expenses, arrivals, departures, and strategies to keep the whole shebang stable and progressing. Whether digital or hard copy — just create it now and keep it updated.

You can bargain with vendors. There’s nothing vulgar or chintzy about getting the best services and product for the least expensive price. If you’re no good at it, find someone among your friends or family who is and put them in charge. You’ll save literally thousands of dollars on a big affair.

Book everything early. That includes the church or hall or beach, as well as the limo service and caterer. And make sure you are protected with a buyer’s remorse clause that lets you cancel up to forty eight hours beforehand. Because, in this day and age, you never know . . .

Bio: Melissa Thompson is preparing for her own wedding, while running her online health publication HarcourtHealth and writing for Forbes magazine.

5 Diamond Engagement Ring Styles That’ll Win your Lovers Heart

Diamonds are forever.

The impact of this line remains undiluted and will be the same for Diamond lovers. 
If you don’t believe me, simply consider two occasions – Engagements and Weddings. You ought to agree to the fact that these two occasions are even more spectacular when Diamonds are in the picture. That warmth of smile lit faces, those chills down the spine when the couple exchange the ceremonial vows and make each other wear the engagement rings, surely feels magical even to witness it all happen. 

The sparkle of diamond that comes along with incomprehensibly limitless happiness, is indeed capable of freezing time like an old fashioned snapshot in the family album, preserved and cherished thereafter, forever.

Before I discuss my favorite 5 Diamond Engagement Ring Styles, allow me to share some valuable information that every diamond enthusiast must know. 

The 4 C’s of Diamond Quality

The 4 C’s of Diamond is a universal approach to assess the quality of any Diamond. The purpose behind initiation of such a clause is to ensure that diamond quality is communicated in a universal tone all through the globe, enabling diamond enthusiasts to know their purchase better.

Diamond Color

Did you know that measure of Diamond color is actually based on the absence or lack of color? In other words, it’s a measure of colorlessness.
As per GIA’s standards, the diamond color scale ranges from D to Z.


Diamond Cut

The cut of a Diamond also accounts for the price of a Diamond. For a clear understanding of what the Diamond Cut is, take a look at the image below.

Pic courtesy: GIA

The cut of a Diamond plays a crucial role in deciding the gems final look and cost. Speaking of which, out of all the 4C’s of Diamond, analyzing the Cut is the most difficult, so to speak.

GIA, relies on a few factors that help analyze certain qualities in diamonds such as how successful is the interaction with light, can the brightness be modulated, what’s the scintillation like etc.
By working on these attributes, a Diamond is made more effective.
Following are a few terms you must know.

  • Brightness- Reflection of white light, both internal and external from a Diamond.

  • Fire- The phenomena of dispersion of white light into all the rainbow colors.

  • Scintillation- It is the measure of the light that a diamond creates. In other words, the amount of sparkle of a Diamond creates can also be referred as Scintillations.

    These are a few terms with respect to a cut of a Diamond (as shown in the pic above). You should take a gander at it and spend some time with the basics of Diamonds. 
    This way, you’ll be a better judge of the stone yourself. Anyways, moving ahead with the next C.

Diamond Clarity

The clarity of a Diamond is a reference to the absence of inclusions and blemishes within a Diamond. Formation of Diamonds is the reason behind clarity and thus clarity is one factor, that helps decide the value of a Diamond. The more the blemishes and marks, lesser would be the price and shine of the diamond, and vice-versa.

Diamond Carat Weight

Last C in the series is the Diamond Cartage i.e. the Carat Value. Carat is the standard of measurement used for precious gems.

The Carat Value of a Diamond is a reference to the weight of a diamond.

1 (metric) Carat = 200 milligrams, that is the standard.

As in the image above, the carat value may vary from 0.50 ct. To 5.00 ct.

Enough of the technical aspects. I believe understanding the 4C’s properly would be suffice for you to be a good judge of diamond jewellery. Case in point, it’s time for me to present the 5 Diamond Engagement Ring styles.

5 Diamond Engagement Rings Styles that’ll Win Your Lovers Heart

Round Brilliant Cut

One of the most popular choice and extremely appealing, the round cut style remains to be an undisputed favorite since ages. The facets of this particular cut refract the most light possible. Thus it is one of the most brilliant style you can choose a s an engagement ring option. Class apart, the looks go well with different colored precious metals too.

Princess Cut

Second most popular Diamond cut (globally) is the Princess cut. This style has been around since the early 60’s. The facets are somewhat similar to that of a round cut, however much instead of a conical downward face, it resembles a pyramid instead.

This particular cut is more affordable than a round brilliant cut because the rough stone is retained to quite an extent thus involving less labor.

Oval Cut

The Oval Cut is a great option for engagements. Oval engagement Rings were into the spotlight during the engagement of Prince Williams with Kate Middleton, back in 2010. Lately, it’s quite the popular choice especially because it appears too big as compared to round cut because of a larger surface area

Pic Credits: Jean Dousset

Cushion Cut

Ever since its first appearance during the late 1800s, Cushion cut remains to be one of the most prominent choice for engagement rings. It was the most-purchased cut of all in the year 2013.

Pic courtesy: Sylvie Collection

The name of the cut derives from its distinct pillow shape, falling in between rectangular and round stones. This cut is considered to be a great option for colored diamonds too.

Marquise Cut

This one is an antique one. Dating back to the French court in the early 1700s, the Marquise Cut stands out amongst all. This cut is great for solitaire rings because it is long and thus fingers appear more slender. However, the cut is pretty delicate and must be handled carefully all the time.

In Conclusion

Whatever diamond engagement ring choice you make, be sure to take time before you jump to a conclusion. Since Diamond is forever, you’d want the best to remain until the last. Make it count for you and your lover.

All the best!

Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

While wedding showers are a long-held tradition, they are often times regarded as boring, corny, or drawn out in today’s world. Guests are known to complain about the cheesey games or length of time it takes the bride-to-be to open her gifts in front of the crowd. Luckily, there are simple and fun ways to spice up these affairs, and we have compiled a list of ways to get creative with bridal showers for your benefit below.

Throw a “cookbook shower” – for a bride or couple that loves to cook, this is a fun theme that everyone is bound to love! Guests can gift their favorite cookbooks to the happy couple paired with fun kitchen accessories. To make the shower an all-around yummy affair, turn it into a potluck and ask guests to bring a dish along with the recipe written down for the couple to add to their personal collection.

Have a fondue bar – no one wants to leave a bridal shower hungry, so ditch the light appetizers and give guests what they really want! To stimulate your guests’ taste buds, include a cheese fondue bar or a chocolate one – or even better, both! Be sure to stock up on all the fixings so that your guests can dip, dip, and dip fruits, pretzels, breads, and marshmallows to their hearts content.

Make it tropical – do something outside the norm for your shower and make your guests feel as though they’ve entered a tropical paradise! In an outdoor setting, serve drinks in coconuts, have everyone wear leis, and light some tiki torches. This is a relaxed theme that will have your guests feeling at ease and will make them feel like they’ve escaped on a little getaway. Grass skirts are indeed encouraged in this dress code!

Throw a tea party – give your guests a chance to attend an elegant party! Set each place setting with vintage-inspired teacups, invite your guests to wear pearls, fancy hats, and a sundress, and put out your favorite tea selections for a day to remember. This will be a fun day for the bride-to-be and an unforgettable shower for guests that will leave them feeling anything but bored. Pinkies up!

Make it glamorous – everyone loves to add some sparkle to the aesthetic of a party, so why not add some to your bridal shower for a pop of pizzazz? Use centerpieces that incorporate glitter and sprinkle sparkly confetti on the tables. Use champagne flutes that have glitter adorned bottoms, which guests will love and that can double as favors or a take-home gift.

Have a photo booth – photo booths are a great way to give guests something fun to do during the event and allow them to take home a fun momento, too. You can even make some DIY props for guests to take advantage of in the booth – they are sure to be a hit!


Create a candy bar  everyone loves something sweet to snack on during a party, so why not set up a candy bar during your event? Let your guests fill up their own personal buckets or bags as a take home gift, stocking your candy table with unique and high quality sweets that they will love snacking on. Chocolates, gummy bears, and jelly beans, oh my!

Instill a casual dress code – who says that bridal showers have to be a stuffy event, anyways? Let your guests dress down or even make it a pajama party to ensure everyone is as relaxed as possible. Believe us, your guests will thank you!

There you have it! Your bridal shower doesn’t have to be a snooze for you or your guests. Instead, it can be lively, fun, and a totally unique experience. Make it a memory you’ll cherish and something your friends and family won’t stop talking about by going out on a limb with some of these fresh and fun party ideas.

5 Wedding Services You Shouldn’t Skip

Few events are more intimidating, stressful, and expensive to plan than a wedding — between choosing a date, selecting a venue, buying a dress, and naming your wedding party, the prospect of an elopement can become pretty tempting! But for most people, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate a union with friends and family. That means that, while it might be tempting to cut corners on your big day, there are some essential services that you just shouldn’t skip.

1. Photography

Professional wedding photography is expensive, and rightfully so — a professional photographer can make you and your beloved look amazing, and give you images you’ll cherish for years to come. But the cost of this wedding service can leave many wondering if they shouldn’t just hand out disposable cameras, or rely on guests to snap photos of the event with their smart phones.

However, when you fail to book a professional photographer, you run the risk of getting, at best, a bunch of pretty bad wedding photos and, at worst, having no photos of your wedding day at all. A professional photographer is worth the cost. And if you’re on a budget, talk to your photographer about paring down the standard wedding photography package — maybe you can do without pre-wedding photos of your groom’s bowtie gracefully draped over one of his shoes. Book your photographer eight to nine months before the wedding and make sure you’re both on the same page about what you want from your pictures before the wedding day arrives.

2. A DJ (or Band)

You might think that you don’t need a DJ or live band to play at your wedding reception; after all, an iPod or laptop hooked up to some decent speakers will be just fine, right? But few things can ruin a wedding reception faster than a guest who hogs the playlist and refuses to take requests. Even worse, what if the aforementioned laptop crashes in the middle of the reception, leaving guests in silence as someone scrambles to hook a phone up to the venue’s sound system? Hiring a professional DJ or wedding band can help forestall these catastrophes, ensuring that there are no interruptions to the festivities, that the correct songs are played in the right order, and that everyone’s requests are weighed equally. Hire your musical entertainment about nine months before the wedding — but not before listening to their stuff (if it’s a band) or talking about your musical preferences for the event (if it’s a DJ).

3. Catering

Have you ever tried to prepare a meal for 300 people by yourself? Even if you have, you have enough to do in the days before your wedding to have to also worry about cooking a huge meal for your guests and vendors. The right caterer will prepare meat and vegan or vegetarian options for your guests, but it’s also important that you’re able to choose an appropriate meal for your vendors. If you’re feeding your vendors something different than what you’re feeding your guests, make sure you put that in the contract before they sign — and don’t forget band roadies, photographers’ assistants, and others who might be working behind the scenes. Start looking for caterers as soon as you’ve settled on a venue, about nine to 10 months before the wedding.

4. A Limousine for the Wedding Party

Hiring a limo for the wedding party might seem extravagant, but it’s often the easiest way to get everyone to and from the ceremony and reception — especially if the bride is going to be wearing a gown with a long train or a large, full skirt. For example, an NYC wedding limousine is far preferable to taking a taxi to the wedding, and of course, there’s simply no question of traveling to your wedding on the subway. Limos add a touch of glamour and class to the wedding, but hiring a limo also ensures that your wedding party — and perhaps, even some of your guests — are in the hands of a trustworthy driver. Make sure to hire wedding transportation at least four months before the wedding.

5. Child Care

If you’ve ever had to look after children at a formal event — or, for that matter, if you’ve ever been a child at a formal event — then you know that child care is the one wedding service all of your guests will appreciate. Of course, you shouldn’t segregate children from your ceremony or reception, but it will be nice for both children and adults alike if, after the meal is eaten, kids can hang out together in a separate area, under the watchful eye of a professional, while their parents enjoy the party in their own way. Adult guests will be able to relax, and young guests will stay entertained, too. Plan to book your wedding childcare about six months in advance.

Planning a wedding typically involves booking numerous services, and costs can easily add up. When it’s time to plan your wedding, it’s important to know which services you should skip — and which you shouldn’t. By making room in your budget for the most essential services, you can throw a party you and your guests will remember for years to come without going broke.

5 Tips For Writing Thank You Notes

Guest Post By: Laura Buckler

As with every other detail of your wedding, you want to make your thank you notes flawless! But with the long list of more crucial tasks that need to be thought out and executed, this age-long wedding tradition has a tendency to be taken for granted and forgotten. Check out these five easy tips you can follow to get your post-wedding thank you’s done in a breeze!

1. Get creative!

Weddings can get expensive, so one thing you need to consider in creating thank you notes is the cost. Thank you cards do not have to be expensive. There are a lot of ways you can get creative without spending a dime! Look for DIY ideas on the Internet that are easy to follow. Martha Stewart Weddings has a list of cute thank you card inspirations that you might want to try out.

If you’re not one to get down with arts and crafts, one thing you can do to save on cost is to have the same supplier of your wedding paper needs make your cards for you! Most suppliers give discounts as you increase your orders, and this would give all your wedding paperies—invitations, place cards, wedding favor tags, and thank you notes, a nice uniformed look!

2. Organize your contacts and gifts ASAP.

To avoid embarrassing mix-ups between which guests sent you which gift, it’s best that you create a directory of your guests right from the start of your wedding preparations. 

Use this directory to take down the complete and correct spellings of names, mailing addresses, contact details, as well as their confirmation to your wedding, and the gifts they will give you. Maintaining a directory may seem like extra work to the already tedious process of planning and organizing a spotless wedding, but it could save you from a lot of trouble and confusion when it comes to creating your thank you notes.

There isn’t really a clear set of rules available when creating a wedding directory. If you are more of an old-fashion type, you may opt to do it the traditional way and jot all the details down in a journal. For tech-savvy brides and grooms to be, there are websites and apps that have helpful features like budget and schedule keeper, online RSVP, and guest list management such as Moposa.

3. Make it memorable.

As convenient as it may seem, printed or typewritten messages are still a major no-no when it comes to thank you cards. When making these, your goal is to make the recipients feel appreciated for their attendance to your wedding, or for the presents they sent you. Including photos of your guests during the wedding day is also a way to make each thank you card special.

When writing notes, sticking to a template gets the work done faster but it’s better to take time to make each note per recipient as spontaneous as possible. Take the extra mile to tell them how much you valued their presence at your special day, or if they sent you a gift, it’s admirable if you can cite briefly how you and your partner plan on using it. Still can’t figure out how to write one? Wedding Paper Divas offer some examples on how to write thank you notes for the different types of wedding guests.

4. Keep it concise and error-free!

Once you already made sure all names of guests are spelled correctly and are matched with the correct mailing address and gift details, your messages should be clear in thought and straight to the point. 

A thank you message doesn’t have to be formal or written in a stiff manner. The language style must be conversational and personal, as if you are talking face to face with the recipient. Your message doesn’t have to take more than a paragraph, and should take at most about 4-5 sentences only. 

Lastly, as much as possible, your notes must be checked for both typographical and grammatical errors. This could be hard to do when you have written too many cards already and you just want to get over everything. There are websites that offer affordable editing and writing services available online which you can tap for this specific task.

5. Set a deadline.

Be sure to set a timeline for yourself for accomplishing thank you notes. While it is totally understandable to have a certain ‘high’ after your wedding day that will leave you idling and dreaming for days, the reality is there are still a few tasks left waiting to be accomplished! 

Ideally, thank you cards must be sent out to guests immediately after the event. If you’re planning on creating personalized messages for each card, be sure to send them out not later than three months after the wedding. You can write your notes in batches (not in one sitting) to avoid burn out from all the writing and thinking.

The sooner you are done sending out your thank you cards, the sooner your guests will feel your genuine appreciation and gratitude.


Laura Buckler is graduate of Linguistic, writer and former organizer of student parties. She likes traveling and discovering new things, pool parties and weddings. Follow her on twitter