The Wow Factors That Make Your Wedding Memories Last Forever

Is your wedding round the corner?

Are you excited to make it quite an eventful one?

In fact every couple aspires to throw a wedding that could be remembered for a long time to come. These very moments are special, meaningful, and important to celebrate your love with your family, friends, and a whole host of guests who will be there to be part of your wedding ceremony.

Wedding not just symbolizes the union of two souls, but it also encompasses a collective joy that everyone present there feels. It also provides you an opportunity to make the event such that your guests will always remember how unique your wedding was, and how much blast they had throughout.

Most of the weddings have nearly similar elements such as flower bouquets, wining and dining, lightings, chandeliers, so on and so forth. But what makes it truly memorable are some wow factors that grab everyone’s attention and leave your guest in awe.

The following are some ideas to bring in wow factors that will make your wedding truly memorable:

  1. Décor

To make your wedding a successful, planning the decoration should be the first step. In general, a décor is the most visible part of any wedding. It is imperative for you to choose a décor that becomes a center of attraction and visually impactful rather than just a room full of lavish floral arrangements. One idea, for example, could be suspending lush flower dishes above your guests’ dinner plates and using elegant lamps in different parts of the dinner table. Also, the colored glassware can make attractive centrepieces, which will make your tables pop in an instant. Furthermore, using calligraphic menus is a good idea where you can put different scripts for every type of affair.

  1. Wedding Party Gifts

It is a good opportunity for you to list your family members, friends, and guests – who have been instrumental in planning your wedding and offering their support – to get them unique gifts. You can give them cosmetic accessories or jewellery items that would make them feel special. One important thing you shouldn’t forget is the gifts for the children in the wedding party. You can get toys or even make cute bag of goodies for them. Finally, when it comes to gifts for close friends and relatives, you can get them exotic wine bottles as wedding party gifts.

  1. Create Events and Invite Participation

Generally, as a ceremonial obligation, family and friends extend their blessings, love and well wishes to the couple. However, being creative at this moment will make your wedding lot more enjoyable and memorable. You can ask your guests to stand up one by one, and share exciting anecdotes with regards to either their own wedding or about other interesting ones. You can organize a mini dancing competition among other couples that are present in the wedding. Shared singing is also a brilliant idea, which brings people together and allows a nice interaction among them. Music brings more warmth to the ambience of a ceremony such as this. Apart from these ideas, live entertainment will prove very riveting for your guests, for example live bands will always be a sure hit. Stand-up comic acts, jokes, and attractive stunts by professionals will surely add to the wow factor for your wedding.

  1. DIY Cocktail Event

Every guest loves to relax and fully enjoy a wedding ceremony. There couldn’t be any better option than organizing a cocktail happy hour for them. Everybody welcomes the idea of DIY cocktail in a wedding reception because it gives them an opportunity to hang out with free drinks and enjoy as much as they can. The fact that DIY cocktail event brings in a wow factor as the guests can mix their own drinks and create their own personal cocktails. This interactive idea will surely go a long way to keep your guests entertained so that they would definitely remember your most special day.

  1. Make A Wonderful Wedding Cake

An attractive, multi-layered cake based on a personalized theme is often a perfect symbol for any wedding. You can either create it for yourself or you can hire professionals to do this job. This special occasion allows you to share your wedding cake’s flavour and sweetness with those you love. A beautiful wedding cake placed at a perfect place grabs everyone’s attention and the guests like to take snapshots with the cake. Your well-crafted wedding cake will elicit significant appreciations from all the guests, which will be enough to make your wedding ceremony an affair to remember. Today, there are some amazing trends with regards to wedding cakes that have come up for adding an extra oomph and a touch of sweetness to your nuptials.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding indeed is a ceremony that you would always like to cherish forever. You don’t have to painstakingly make your wedding moments memorable. There could be numerous ideas to add wow factors to your wedding ceremony, but the above mentioned ideas will never disappoint you.

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