9 Jewelry Pieces for the Minimalist Bride

We have all heard of and loved the bridal glow!

The blush of love and the promise of a beautiful life ahead is reason enough to look your radiant best on your wedding day.

The right jewels only add to the allure of a bride. Several modern brides opt not to let their jewels overwhelm their natural glow. For such minimalist brides, picking up wedding baubles can be quite a challenge.

The trick lies in picking jewelry that is timeless, that defines you and is all about elegance and panache.

Wondering which pieces to wear to achieve the minimalist-yet-glamorous look on your big day? You will be surprised and happy at the plethora of options available.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Dainty Studs

Pretty studs strike all the right notes with the minimalist bride. While most of you will want to go for the minuscule studs (we know of your fear of ‘OTT’ accessories), the good news is that there are plenty of beautiful designs in delicate studs that will complement your face, help you retain that au naturale glow and look effortlessly pretty.

A lot of contemporary brides are crushing on the knotted nest stud earrings. These earrings look like a knotted nest of metal, and look modern and stylish. If you have a structured wedding dress with a strapless silhouette, this should be your go-to wedding accessory.

2. The Delicate Pearl Necklace

Pearls are synonymous with weddings. Small pearls are understated, feminine and elegant. When teamed with a gold necklace, they work beautifully with lace and satin dresses. A little length in the necklace helps to accentuate your shoulders and collar bones, and add that hint of romance and sexiness that looks oh-so-charming on a bride.

3. The Classic Diamond Pendant

Diamonds are all about class. No points for guessing then that a diamond pendant makes one classic bridal jewelry piece. They also make ideal heirlooms. So, consider yourself lucky if you are getting to wear an heirloom piece for your wedding. On the other hand, you can purchase your own beautiful pendant that complements your wedding outfit flawlessly.

4. A Pair of Crystal Drop Earrings

Few pieces can imitate the charm of crystal drop earrings. For brides who are into minimalism, crystal drop earrings are the most beautiful piece of jewelry you can don on your special day. With their myriad associations with beauty and exquisiteness, crystal drop earrings are all you need to become a mesmerizing bride.

5. The Ring That Promises Ever-After

Your bridal look is incomplete without this special piece of jewelry. I am talking about your engagement ring, of course. Whether it’s a platinum or white gold band, or a gold band and solitaire you are sporting, an engagement ring is symbolic. Wear it proudly on your wedding day and let the love go on forever.

6. The Tear-Drop Pendant

They are classic, gorgeous and minimalistic. Tear-drop pendants are a perfect piece of wedding jewelry that can enhance any wedding look and lend a royal touch to your wedding outfit.

Not sure if these quintessentially informal chains can work for your big day? If you have a wedding gown with a V-neckline in satin, use a vintage rock in your teardrop pendant.

Modern, quirky and boho brides, I hope you are listening! You can also keep the tear-drop pendant classic and timeless by combining it with diamonds and other precious stones.

7. The Backless Dress Accent

So enough about studs and chains! Every bride deserves to stand out on her big day. Even the most minimalistic bride can do so without upping the bling factor. What you need is a necklace that trails down your back and pumps up the sensuality factor of that backless wedding dress.

8. The Vintage Cuff

A minimalist bride’s style is all about glamour sans the frills. A vintage cuff is the perfect piece of jewelry for such a bride. An elegant or edgy cuff that spells sophistication is perfect for you if you are going the minimalist way. Diamonds and pearls are classic, whereas a metallic cuff is the perfect balance of bold and beautiful. This is a must-have accessory if you are going to be wearing a strapless or sleeveless dress for your wedding.

9. All Things Rose-gold

Every minimalist bride loves her rose-gold, and if you intend to rock this metallic color, you will need to have something in rose-gold as well. A bar bracelet in rose-gold with embellished crystals or an elegant rose-gold bangle on your wrist is simply perfect for adding some old-world charm to your ensemble, along with contemporary design and simplicity.

To Conclude

So, there you go, dear minimalist bride-to-be! Take your pick from the above gorgeous jewelry suggestions and redefine bridal elegance and beauty. Make your wedding memorable and be a stunner on your special day!

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